Unfortunately, there are many unregulated “advisors” or “middlemen” looking to prey on unsuspecting directors during times of financial stress. 

At Cranfield Business Recovery, our regulated and highly qualified experienced team is available to guide you through difficult circumstances and explain in plain language your position, responsibilities and duties.

Our first objective is to find solutions that do not involve a formal insolvency procedure and we are able to offer assistance and advice to secure additional funding if that is what is required.  In addition, we also make sure that if you are investing your own money into the company, by the use of a Director’s Debenture, you improve your prospects of recovering your investment if things do not work out as planned.

Phoenix companies and businesses are often given a bad press but arranged properly this solution can very often offer the best outcome to enable a business to continue to trade and offer continued employment to employees.

Telephone one of our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, Tony Mitchell or Philip Ballard, to discover how we can help you.